There are two Parental gods, Lumera and Noct.  Together they have had many children, always twins, always brother and sister.

Here are some of the gods and goddesses that commonly have shrines in most towns.

Lumera – NG – Goddess of Light and Truth
Noct - N – God of Darkness and Secrets

Muta – CN -Goddess of Change, Storms, and Earthquakes
Stag – LN – God of Stillness 

Biblia – LG – Goddess of Reason and Knowledge
Cantio – CG – God of Creativity and Feelings

Domi – NG – Goddess of Home, Agriculture, and Buildings
Viate – NG – God of travel, Discovery, Roads, and Ships

Lorem – LN – God of Work, Training, and Discipline
Otia – CN – Goddess of Leisure, Rest, and Relaxation



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