Welcome Adventurers

A wild party appears!

I think we got off to a great start last night, and I am very excited for our first play session next week!

So lets take a look at the party so far (editorialized by me):

  • Heian - a Wood Elf Druid 
  • Gunther - a Halfling Monk with a gambling problem
  • "The Diplomat"  a Half-Elf (Eladrin) Bard with a mysterious past
  • Rin Elderwood - a Half-Elf (Wood) Ranger who…
  • Haraldr Thokradum - a Dwarf Fighter

Most of the characters still need some work to get them ready for prime time. You may find this checklist useful in addition to the standard WotC resources for character generation.

I will also be fleshing out the greater campaign setting and will post details on this site. I plan to have a few suggested story hooks for your individual characters.

Thanks for reading, I look forward to DMing for you soon!



roscoe_dobbins roscoe_dobbins

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